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Meet Dr. Dyme

On Dentistry

As a dentist, and a member of the oral health profession, I know my peers and I have a unique set of skills. We are able to use our education, training, and knowledge to provide a better quality of life to our patients.

Serving our community brings me into contact with many individuals, each with their own knowledge, experiences, and insights. I benefit, personally and professionally, from our conversations and the stories they share with me as they expand and enhance my understanding of the world.

I look forward to coming to my practice each morning, anticipating the conversations I will have with my patient family. It is rewarding work with each person to achieve their oral health goals while building and strengthening a respectful, trusting relationship. Providing individuals with healthy and beautiful smiles, and maintaining those smiles and relationships for years to come, keeps me energized and engaged.

~ Dr. Michael Dyme

Education and Experience

A native of Wilmette, Dr. Dyme was drawn to the mix of science and art that dentistry entails. Prior to practicing dentistry, he obtained his:

Having been in practice for nearly a decade, Dr. Dyme loves getting to know and build relationships with his patients. He likes chatting about their lives, learning about their interests, and keeping up with their latest family news and happenings.

One of Dr. Dyme’s foremost delights comes from working with initially fearful or anxious patients. He and his team take time to educate, answer questions, and address all concerns prior to starting treatment — and the procedure only begins when the patient is ready. With his gentle touch and attentiveness to the patient’s comfort, he helps the individual relax and experience the benefit of painless dental care.

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

Dr. Dyme is an active member of two north suburban study clubs and the:

Like all fields of healthcare, dentistry is constantly advancing. Ongoing research leads to new methodologies, changes in technique, and improved technology. Through active continuing education, Dr. Dyme stays current with the latest developments and emerging trends.

He especially appreciates the two local study clubs. Being able to discuss all aspects of dentistry and patient care with colleagues allows Dr. Dyme to provide a variety of options to his patients as part of their individualized dental care.

Beyond the Office

Family is Dr. Dyme’s greatest love. He and his beautiful, amazing wife Nicole have two children, Zev and Harry, who keep their Evanston home busy with their many activities and interests. Dr. Dyme loves being with his family, playing with his kids, and watching them grow.

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